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The art of sneaking up to someone with white hair and cutting a lock of their hair and then wrapping it around ur cock and masturbating with it. Named so because all angels have white hair
Luke: Man cut a lock of his hair out, i need an angel hair wank.

James: Forget that i've got a fresh bag at home from the hairdressers
by lionface23 January 17, 2009
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The process of cutting a lock of hair off of someone with white hair (specifically King Nugle himself if you want the ultimate masturbation pleasure). One can obtain the hair while waiting when an angel is getting his/her hair cut and collecting the hair off the floor, or the more fun way, sneaking into an angel's room and cutting a lock straight off while they're asleep when the hair is fresh. Fresh angel hair provides a softer stronger jizz explosion.
Luke: Sssshh, don't wake Oli i haven't had an angel hair wank for too long. Leave him alone!

James: Sorry, i just really love sucking dick
by lionface November 24, 2008
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