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Angana is the Indian counterpart of Venus, Goddess of Love and Sexuality. Rumor has it that she sometimes takes the form of a 16 year old to roam amongst us mortals and understand their problems concerning love. Obviously she is found to be EXTREMELY beautiful and sexy, and has often angered Zeus as most of the male mortals faint after seeing this hot goddess and the females die of jealousy. She is epitome of seductiveness and sex appeal.

Although the Goddess of beauty, she doesnt have much fondness of what we call as mush and girly things, and has a close affinty to bikes, weightlifting and sutta (regal name for cigarette). She is the woman every guy desires for and every girl is envious of.
Bless us Angana, Great Goddess of Love, with some sexy times. Amen!
by blah blah and again BLAH! February 22, 2011
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