An emo anime; an anime with the traits that of the emo culture, and the style and pacing of an anime. Usually has long periods of monologuing, raining, "artistic" scenes, and complaining about how tragic life is. Also spelled "Animo" for a more obvious connection to Japanese cartoons.
Marty the Martian: "Hey, did you see the anime Death Note last Saturday?"

Mikey the Microscope: "You mean the anemo? Anime's not really my thing, you know that."

Marty: "Then how would you know it's an anemo if you dont watch it?"

Mikey: "Don't question me, you fool!"
by nickreaper February 17, 2011
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these cats aen't seeing my dough because i'm anemo

you can't plot on me cause i'm in the mob which makes me anemo.

these dudes is anemo to me when it comes to playing sports.
by Jrockmp100 May 14, 2007
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The best things in genshin impact they are better than keaya the slut and everyone else is especially kazuha and xiao the best boys.
Ash: have you seen how sexy the anemo boys are especially kazuha and xiao are
Tallulah: yeah xiao degrades me and it’s so good and kazuha 😫
Daniel: kazuha is leaf man and xiao is adepti man they’re great
by Max inp June 12, 2022
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