1.An evil scientist hellbent on conquering the Lylat System. Main enemy of Fox McCloud in the Starfox games. Giant floating head with giant floating hands.

2. The act of appearing suddenly and out of nowhere without explanation. Originated from what Andross does at the climax of Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. Pulling an Andross will usually cause the person nearest you to pilot an Arwing and shoot at you repeatedly.
1. Andross is one of the freakiest final bosses ever.

2. Mario was about to defeat Bowser for good, when suddenly, Andross fell from the sky. Mario hopped into an Arwing and persued the mad scientist.
by The Smexorcist March 12, 2005
A dimwitted individual who can resemble the Andross of the same name from the Star Fox 64 (1997 Nintendo) in any number of ways, more or less. 1: Having a hideous or fugly face. 2: Having eyes that don't match up or are slightly deformed. 3: Slapping and poking random people for no real reason. 4: Attempting to outsmart someone and failing terribly. 5: Smelling like week old dogshit. 6: Confusing and screwing up a simple math problem such as 10-10. 7: Inventing stupid sound effects and saying them at random (Ex: Doiky). 8: Expecting others to come to one's aid, asking for favors and annoying people constantly, etc. 9: Having random face spasms, having strange facial animations. 10: Ignoring warnings and getting oneself into huge trouble, such as massive fianancial debt.

Andross can also be said as "Andrew" (Andross's son).
Andross actually took a shower?! No way!

Oh shit, here comes Andross; we better get the hell out of here before he asks us to take him to Wal-Mart!
by Viper Snake October 17, 2006
1) giant head and hands with a robot clone from Starfox 64

2) fat noob with a dell
Vet: No you beat the clone, you need to go the other route to beat the real andross.

Andross: HI!!!
Andross: Oh.
by berserker395 March 27, 2005
ref. Star Fox character, Andross Bowman; quote, "If I go down, I'm taking you with me!"

The act of forcing someone else to suffer along side of you, usually friends or loved ones.
The phrase "Andross Syndrome" should be applied to situations such of real life trolling, i.e. forcing someone to watch irritating memes (see Nyan Cat,) or when seeing something truly disturbing online and sharing it with others.
by fhqwhgus August 26, 2011