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One disease to rule them all. Anything and everything causes cancer nowadays, which is somewhat depressing. There is no true cure for any form of cancer, but there just might be if the human race would stop warring with itself and concentrate on destroying diseases instead.
My God! Jimmy! Stay away from the sun! It causes CANCER! My God! Jimmy! Don't eat that! It causes CANCER! MY God! Jimmy! Don't breathe in school! IT CAUSES CANCER!
by The Smexorcist April 24, 2005

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1.An evil scientist hellbent on conquering the Lylat System. Main enemy of Fox McCloud in the Starfox games. Giant floating head with giant floating hands.

2. The act of appearing suddenly and out of nowhere without explanation. Originated from what Andross does at the climax of Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. Pulling an Andross will usually cause the person nearest you to pilot an Arwing and shoot at you repeatedly.
1. Andross is one of the freakiest final bosses ever.

2. Mario was about to defeat Bowser for good, when suddenly, Andross fell from the sky. Mario hopped into an Arwing and persued the mad scientist.
by The Smexorcist March 11, 2005

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