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Andreea is a kind, understanding and patient girl. She can be nice, but she can also be a bitch. She is so trustworthy and such a great listener. She will correct you on how to say her name, and how to spell it. She has gone through a lot so if you have any problems, she can relate, and because she can relate she can help. She gets guys anytime she wants. If you mess with her she might forgive you, or not, it honestly depends on her mood. Do not piss her off or you will get smacked. Andreea is smart and sarcastic, but also stupid at times. She can sing really well and she does it all the time. She will protect her friends over anything else. No matter what happens, friends and family comes first for her. She is there for everyone, she listens to everyone vent and that's what makes her so lovable.
Andreea is so funny!
by #ISipTeaInYourHood July 03, 2018
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Andreeas are genuinely funny girls. They like to advocate for shit that doesn’t really concern their beings. Like to corect people when wrong. They are also good liars, but never get themselves in trouble.
Dude: Andrea, why did you lie to me about that?
Andreea: Well, it’s actually AndrEEa, and I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.
by Pablothedruglord June 06, 2019
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Andreea Is the definition Of a person that is Very nice.A simply Beautiful soul.People talk about her Yet have no clue who she is.She is a person Who is very calm And easy to talk to.
Andreea is A very Nice person,with a Beautiful Heart.
by Your Buddyy 200 March 28, 2019
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A Romanian goddess. Named after saint Andrei. Common characteristics: honest, responsible, thoughtful, and ridiculously lovable.
Have you seen Andreea? Hot damn!
by ph@enix49 February 06, 2010
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Andreea is a beautiful, caring, young girl who has black hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She is very nice and by nice I mean soo so so so so nice. She will always have your back once she earns your trust she will be by your side till the day she dies. I hope all the people are as nice Andreea. Our planet doesn't deserve her.
"Omg why did you forgive her for breaking your arm"

Andreea: "Because I feel bad "

me: "oh Andreea...."
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by Xx_Taurus_xx December 03, 2019
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She is a happy spirited soul.Everyone likes her because she is an amazing listener. As a sibling she can be a bit much but she will never disappoint you . She cares about everyone. She is into tall guys and loves to have sesh. she probably watches game of thrones and loves John snow. She loves to pull a guy especially after she had a few drinks. She is a little cheeky but she is hilarious. Her only weakness is that she doesn't listen to anyone's advice. If you see her in a shop she's probably at the milk section.
Andreea- my favourite animal is a cat

Anyone - that's cool
by Hoops1153 May 22, 2020
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