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The most beautiful girl in the world. She has the best smile, laugh, looks, smarts everything! She is the real deal, the whole package. The bestest friend you could ever ask for. The one you call for times in need, to give you advice or to just make you laugh! I love her, and so should you!
Boy: Whoa! What was that amazingness that just passed?Girl: What did it look like?
Boy: Beautiful
Girl: that's easy, You saw an Andreana.
by Ninjalyssa94 July 01, 2010
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One of the most unique people you will ever meet. Due to her common name with a special twist, she tends to try to be too eccentric. Andreana is a girl that listens to strange indie music, such as The Naked and Famous, Two Door Cinema Club (not really indie), and the XX. She listens to obscure bands exactly two and a half months before they get extremely popular and mainstream, but unlike most hipsters, she doesn't care. Some may say that Andreana is a hipster, what with her love of Nutella, Harry Potter, correct grammar, and indie music. Andreana is an amazing friend, one that will stick with you through annoying boyfriends or tres penible obsessions. She swears after every other word, but she'll stay with you nonetheless.
Gangster Indian kid: "Man, this band is amazing. What are they called?"

Andreana: "The Arctic Monkeys."

*Two and a half months later, Arctic Monkeys explode in popularity at school*
by oh you knoooow March 04, 2011
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