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Andraya comes from the Latin meaning "Womanly" or "Beautiful Lady". A gorgeous lady that one of a kind, the most rare female on the face of the earth; the kind that every guy dreams about. She is confident, honest, loyal, protective of what she has, strong, artistic, beautiful inside and out, exellent lover. A tower of strength for those she cares for, the rock to her family. She is a person you can depend on, just don't go too far in crossing lines with her or those she loves. Or else you better run and get out of her way...because she will come out and get you.
The meaning of Andraya is "strong, manly, brave"
by Yodeling cactus November 22, 2016
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Andraya is the most amazing girl you will ever meet she sweat funny smart and hot you will be lucky to date a andraya she will stick up for you no matter what she will love you forever she's also can be annoying sometimes she will always make you smile she will make worst day ever turn into the greatest DAy ever you would be lucky to have a andraya in your life so get one just not mine cause mine is the best girlfriend ever and you would die to have a andraya. She is hot like I mean really hot so even though I'm ugly I'm still a really lucky person and I love her to death and no one can replace her cause she's the best cause she is always saying she loves me and I'll be alone and I'll start going babe baby babe baby till she answer then I'll go I miss you and she thinks I'm the best but I just say yep I am cause I'm dating you cause I'm lucky to date a amazing person like her
Andraya is the best girlfriend I have ever had I love her to death and I would die for her
by Urban dictionary 1234567 November 18, 2017
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Andraya is a beautiful smart amazing and the greatest girl she can easily make you happy she will never let you down because she will always be there no matter what she will never make you mad. So if you get a andraya keep her cause she will love forever and ever and will always stick up for you and she will die for you so keep her if you get one just not mine.
My baby is the best I love her so so so much and I hope never to lose her I hope to be with her for the rest of my life I love you baby. Andraya is a wonderful girl and a loving girl she is beautiful girl she's smart nice funny and amazing
by Urban dictionary 1234567 November 18, 2017
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