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The most amazing girl you will ever meet, I promise you that, straight up person does not take shit from Anyone , If your annoying to her just leave. Funny ass bitch though, knows how to have a good time. She's been through a Loy of shit, get advice from her . Lastly, she's the best friend that you can ask for.;)
Andraia: Stfu Emmanuel .
Emmanuel : Okay...
by Xoxochinaloverxoxo August 17, 2011
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Beautiful, amazing, smart... Mean, girl who absolutely has my heart n soul on lock. Takes her scorpio zodiac sign to heart. Ladies and gentleman we have a freak on our hands. Yet a girl who can make a parents heart melt. Keep her, have faith in her, and never let her go. Love you babe...11/09/12
Steve: Wow, did you see Andraia tonite?

Mark: nah, why?
Steve: fucking goregous man

Nate: Is Andraia really dancing around to "Summertime Sadness" in her birthday suit?

John: yeah she is! Id suck a fart out that ass
by Bardubitchez December 08, 2013
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