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noun; to be either:

1)a person who steals things from other people and denies it but it is apparently that person
2)talk a lot of stuff about people but denies it
3)be a pussy about things
4)think they're cool when they're not
5)talk like a faggot
6)has eyes of a fish
or 7)goes around to random people and touches them because the person has no friends
EX1) Panda: *steals hinson's backpack*
Hinson: dude give it back man.
Panda: what? i didnt take anything O_o <---gay expression like andy
Hinson: dude stop being an andicao.
EX2) Andy: Adrienne told Panda to beat me up cuz shes a whore so now we aren't best friends anymore, and since Panda likes adrienne, he's gonna do it, but i've been working out in case he jumps me. (btw the stuff he said ISN'T true and is STILL trying to get people to think i did like adrienne when i didnt like her, but he did because he was basically always following her and it was pretty obvious and he used me as cover up. but he did say this)
EX3)Rashid: So are you gonna fight Panda?
Andy: ..... *walks away*
EX4) (no ex.)
EX5)Andy: i didnt O_o <---gay expression AGAIN.
Andy: no? <----Concut
EX6) (i can't show an ex of fish eyes through internet.)
EX7) (no ex.)
by pandaboyx September 22, 2009
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