The phrase was used by King Theoden in the Lord of the Rings movie "The Two Towers" right before the major battle at Helms Deep. The phrase can be used to signify the start of a major or significant event.
JJ Abrams has been named the director of the next Star Wars movie...."and so it begins".
by AlohaJED February 2, 2016
A phrase uttered by Ambassador Kosh in the "The Gathering", the first Babylon 5 episode (TV Show, 1993).
Something momentous happens, therefore someone must say, "and so it begins".
by ustamills January 6, 2022
1:A saying started on, that is used
anytime something bad happens or may happen.
2: Used by post whores for no good reason other than to annoy people.
Poster 1:I've ran out of tinfoil, the cops shot my dog and the Democrats are coming for my guns.

Poster 2: And so it begins...
by JD25 March 17, 2009
A song by that appeared in Belle Delphine's "Meet my best friend" Youtube video featuring her dead octopus friend.
P1: damn, that music in belle's video slaps, i wonder what its called
P2: aight mate ima shazam it for you rq, apparently its called "And So It Begins" by
by sticcman December 28, 2021