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A surname given to the most repectable beings anywhere, only the best of the best can be regarded as Mr. or Ms. Anchondo. The origin of this last name is unknown, however; many people believe that Chuck Norris may have started the name in the 12 century to commemorate people who he belieeved would be able to rival his magnitude. To be refered to as Mr. Anchondo is a great honor. In many religions and cultures if somone is refered to as Mr./Ms. Anchondo means that they have pledged their undying servitude and life to you. Usually Follows Daniel
Servant- Good-afternoon Mr. Anchondo, I see that you have returned from your Daily 5 minuite Jog.

Mr. Anchondo- Yes I have, China is nice this time of year, but i much prefered Denver. Either way it's nice to be back in New York.

Servant- Yes sir, I will see to it that I map a new course for your jog tonight Mr. Anchondo.
by SexxiiBeast July 16, 2011
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