A subgenre of horror told in the manner of a classic analog style. Typically using an old school, pre-digital style when presenting lore, using things such as television broadcasts or infomercials in generally "nostalgic" styles. Most often presents itself as a web-series.
Local 58 and Gemini Home Entertainment are good examples of Analog Horror.
by tempertant June 6, 2021
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It is a subgenre of psychological horror in which the use of analog equipment/technology is very present. It is usually located on youtube, and it's time period is usually in between 1960-1990, however some have used the early 2000s style
Man.1: Dude, have you seen The Walten Files?
Man.2: Of course! I'm watching every Analog Horror series
by Alternatesexual February 1, 2022
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Analog Horror is a type of horror based off of VHS tapes and nostalgia.
Analog Horror is cool
by GoroMK1 February 25, 2023
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A sub-genera of horror that follows the "found footage" style. Such as The walten files, Mandela Catalogue, The backrooms, and so on
"My favorite sub-genera of horror is Analog horror."
by {MoNo!!} October 8, 2022
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An oversaturated sub-genre of horror, usually in the form of an ARG, which imitates 1960-1990 footage but usually relies on weird distorted faces and/or sound as a scare factor.
Why are you not scared, I put spooky face in my analog horror
by Fakely June 29, 2023
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some creepy shi that scares people out but some people actually like it.. such can be local 58,Walten files and some more.
friend 1: omg i just watched horror analogs last night and I couldn't get any sleep last night!
friend 2: pfft! as if! i watched it and I didn't get scared! why do u have to be a pussy?
by k1tty ch4n October 1, 2021
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some scary shi or something that gives u nightmares or sum ting idk (this is my first definition! so pls give me loads of support!)
friend 1: omg I couldn't sleep tonight cuz i watched horror analogs!

friend 2: well I told ya! u shouldn't watch those stuff at night.
by k1tty ch4n September 20, 2021
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