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Probably the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Sweet, kind of shy, funny, smart, pretty much everything you could ever want in a girl. Every guy who meets her will fall in love with her immediately, partially do to her eyes. Her eyes are the most beautiful thing you will ever see, as you will get lost in them even just taking a glance at her. She has amazing hair that every girl wishes they had and every guy wishes they could play with. Her lips look so lushious even though she bites them often, every guy wishes they could kiss her. Her body is just indescribably gorgeous, every man wants to cuddle with it. It's pretty amazing how beautiful Analiz is, she'd be the perfect girl for any guy, but does have high standards!
Guy 1: Wow, did you see Analiz today?
Guy 2: Yeah, she looked absolutely amazing
Guy 3: Doesn't she always..
by BodyUniqueBootyonFleek April 28, 2017
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A very attractive girl who's freckles are cute as fuck and has a very kawaii voice, Although she seems easy she will reject you with no problem at all. When texting her she will seem like a very average white girl saying ''lol'' over and over and its quite fucking annoying really because you will try to have a fucking nice conversation and then her mom will tell you to stop texting her. She somehow appears infront of you at random moments like some kind of god damn magneto person and you'll think its all okay but then your friend will accidentally send her a threatening picture of him holding a knife and your chances are over before you even reached friend zone.
Person 1: Hey Analiz wanna be in a relationshi-
Analiz: lol
Person 1: ):
by FireZenoel January 16, 2014
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