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A person(s) who decide to deface the anal region with any number of brushes, mops,etc. in a way that is so vile it can only be described as "anal mop"
"oh my god dude have you tried a a hoover sweeper!!!?"
"dude, your an anal mop"
by sgt.420 July 23, 2008
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A mop, rammed inside one's anus. Definitely not gay. Quite cleansing, does a fine cleaning job.
Also a good name for your boyfriend.
'Hey, are you keen for an anal mop tonight?'
'Uh, that's gay'
'Nah, it's not gay. it'll clean out that rancid butter chicken you ate out of the neighbour's rubbish this morning'
by ohmegalomaniac July 10, 2016
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