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1. Slang for a faggot.
2. Straight man who likes backstage access.
3. The raping of a man by another man.

Chris: My ass is sore today.
Rozzers: Damn anal assassins!
Olie: Wasn't me!
by Rozzers June 18, 2006
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A gay man who will give it to another gay man in his anus. This term is usually used for the man in the relationship. The receiver, also known as a butt pirate, will receive the shooing in his anus. This man will shamely decline hot females due to his liking of male genitalia. He will also coin terms such as, "what's up... the sky!!"
Hot Girl: Hey Justin would you like to go on a date tonight?
Justin: Sorry, I will have to politely decline this offer.
Witness: Sorry hot girl but Justin is a proud Anal Assassin
by User2017 March 22, 2017
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