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The name of someone very special. The name itself would mean good luck for the person who says it or thinks about it. A person that has the name and is with someone, that someone is very lucky indeed. Anaiya is a beautiful person, kind, has a side that no one wants to ever meet, and so so cute. Anaiya is destined to meet Kaiden. The two names itself brings peace within their area, loving, sharing, caring. The two are one of a kind, and they are meant to be. Kaiden will always love Anaiya. The two has been mentioned many times in Asian, as they are both in Japanese and Chinese mythology. Their love is so strong, it touches people till this very day.
Kaiden will always love Anaiya.
by Juri December 26, 2013
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Anaiya is a cool,pretty,down to earth girl. She has a cool side a calm side and a ghetto side. She stays out of drama as much possible but sometime an instigator. Everyone has fun around Anaiya. And dont forget that booty it's hella big. Anaiya gets all the boys but is still humble as fuck. Anaiya is just that bitch
Random Guy 1 :"damn who is that?"
Random Guy 2:" That's Anaiya bro"
Random Guy 1:"Mmm. Damn she fine"
by Heybaaaby123 September 28, 2018
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