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Anadelia is a name For a girl usually Mexican. Anadelia is a Shy Girl At First. She Doesn't Trust a lot Of People. When Anadelia Wants Something she is determined To get it . Most Of the time Anadela likes to be single and not tied down but if you mange to tie her down You have a keeper. She is Funny, Beautiful, Sociable Person. She Gets Mad Very easily. She Loves Spending time With the people Who Matter To Her. Anadelia Is Know For Being Hard To Get. She Is An Amazing Kisser. She Is Also Very faithful.
Ex: Boy 1:You see That Girl Over There

Boy 2: Yeah i Know Her Name Is Anadelia
by That_Girl123 January 04, 2014
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Anadelia is the name of a girl usually dominican and she loves to hang out with her friends. she loves to be single and not tied down, but if you do manage to tie her down she's a keeper. she loves to talk to people and make new friends. shes full of kindness,but when you mess with one of her friends she goes all beast on them. her heart has been broken and shattered and still manages to keep a smile on her face. she will be there for you whenever you need her. she is loyal, caring, funny, pretty,and full of gr88 vibes. when you look at her its like your floating. even though she always believes that shes ugly she is pretty as everyone else says. <3 she has a big heart but most of the time keeps a wall to block her.
omg that girl is so nice and funny she must be an anadelia

boy: ooooh shoot that girl cute af what her name
girl: thats my bestie anadelia
by awsomeana August 02, 2018
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