"amazing" - basically anything that is good/great... or.. amazing...
"haha, that's amzing!"
by Ciara January 26, 2004
1: "have you seen the new texas toast?"
2: "yeah, it was pretty amz."
by ad;sflahsdk September 12, 2007
Little knows slang word from mid eastern Ireland It means "Damn nice Rack"
Check out the amz on that!
by Asok December 16, 2004
Something so much more than Amazing that it DOESN'T need the second 'A' - because it is already too cool without.
by innitbludipwnedyoass December 15, 2010
You find this emotion when you look at levi ackermann,eren yaeger or any anime/fictional boy.You cant define the feeling,it is simply amzing
girll have you seen levi ackermann in the recent episode of attack on titan!
yess he is simply AMZING
by ron weasle March 1, 2021
Amze is a person that’s a fucking stud. He pulls every girl that he wants. And he’s a G no one wants to see his bad side. Amze is person that knows a lot of combat and is a fucking badass
Person 1: yo bro who is that?
Person 2: I don’t know but he looks like An Amze
by Jackyboy_boss June 1, 2020
A short person often used to lure kids to armaan
by Sidlikeskids69 March 28, 2021