Amora is a pretty, athletic girl. She loves to have fun. She does her very best to exceed expectations. She is the best at what she does. Amora is a loving soul that loves life. She loves the summer weather as much as she does winter. Amora can make you smile on the worst days Amora has hips,curves, and a big butt dont try to trigger her or she'll cuss you out
Spanish “My Amora”
by Ad0re me November 11, 2018
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Amora is a reall kind a cool person to be around and she can always cheer you up when you have a bad day. She is not dramatic and dose not think she’s all that.Amora can be there for you at all times and never leave your side she is loyal and loves her family, she’s also really supportive and can make you laugh.
Who’s that?
That’s Amora my best friend!
by Invisible666 January 26, 2019
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The hottest girl you‘ll ever meet!
Not only her character will blow you away - her body is so damn sexy !

Every boy loves her and all girls are so jealous, because Amora is the prettiest of all!
Sex with her is the best thing that can happen to you holy shit!
She can be the cutest girl but also the baddest. She‘s goals.

You should be nice, if you know a Amora !
She‘s so perfect
I saw Amora last night. She‘s a goddess!

Do you know Amora? The hottest and sexiest girl alive? Amen!
by fuckkkmyyylifee October 04, 2017
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When you find out how awesome aurora(Aurora) is and how much potential it(they) has(have), along with the good energy it(they) has(have) brought you, it becomes Amora. It could be a city, it could be the stars, it could be a person. It can be anything, anywhere.
I don't want to go to Denver, Amora has so many things to offer me!

When we are in the presense of Amora I know I am safe and all the good things will come to me.
by Professor LoveHandles December 31, 2018
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the love psychic, an internet application which claims to know the future about your love life, just however the hell this possible, no one can ever be sure. In essence this is an internet application that will set you up for devistation time and time again. From what I've seen of friends using the application (Yes my friends, I am ashamed to say) it always gives you an outrageously spectacular and wonderful reading.
The real life occurance being just plain old life with nothing lovely and spectacular going on in the downstairs department apart from some spectacular sub-concious love making while sleeping with your chubby investing small deposits in your bed sheets. Amora, the depression psychic. Charlie Sheen should give it a go.
Amora says "Charlie, sweetie, your romantic side will glow this week, you'll do great!''
by rottonrobbie March 15, 2011
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a name no more beautiful than what it means. greedy but nice,bossy but smart. is able to do but not finish without being asked more than 5 times. Latino for me Amor. my love
boy 1: YO You get me so mad amorae

her: why thank you I love you too
by Sean Ferreira January 26, 2015
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