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Amon is one of the most sweetest boys you’ll ever meet.He’s athletic and he’ll tell you the truth no matter what. Amon will treat you with such care and kindness. He never lets you down and he means it when he says he’s there for you. Amon will make sure your happy and loved when he sees you. He will always be there even when he’s not. Amons pretty much perfect and you should never let him go.
Girl 1: Amons soo nice !
Girl 2: He really is and he’s a good friend.
Girl 1:He’s so perfect.
by Sauzy.J May 15, 2018
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Any person who is extraordinarily rad and/or awesome, but in a non-canon way. The person may have extraordinary knowledge of internet memes, or extreme music tastes. An acceptable synonym is ythan.
noun. "That new kid is such an Amon."
verb. "I'm so going to Amon that new video game."
adj. "Um, this band is pretty much the most Amon band ever."
by Amontillado November 27, 2006
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a GOD, as hot as the bottom of my laptop. He is the sweetest person ever, and will offer his jacket more than once when your cold. He plays soccer and he's funny and adorable and caring and omfg can't even deallllll.
He is barely ever on his phone and he wants to be in the army. He is respectful.
Girl 1: Amon offered me his jacket las night! Twice!
Girl 2: no wayyy he's so cute.
by Taylor loren September 10, 2016
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To some, Amon is just another Arabic name. Translated, it means "safety and security". However, to those who have been lucky enough to share special moments with a girl named Amon, they will tell you that she is a magical mix between an angel and a princess. Beautiful, classy, and very much desired; she can be cute, even when shes frowning. She is very understanding, a great listener and an even better advice giver. She can settle any nervous or concerned heart down into a calmness like no other and can make all the bad things in life go away. She is a girl that likes to have fun, can be lazy at times when shes allowed to be but is generally a hard working individual who wants the best for herself and others. She refuses to eat pineapples but loves watermelon. She is an amazing lover, and if one is fortunate enough, she will give her heart to him when he proves his love to her. Once shes stolen your heart, there is no getting it back.
amon will always be ther girl of my dreams.
by Meehowek November 22, 2010
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The guy that is beautiful annoying that u all love all the girls love him and he misses 2 of his exes
by @mon December 13, 2017
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Short for Ichiman (a Japanese word that is pronounced itchy-mon), it is 10,000 yen (about a hundred dollars) and is used for describing money in general terms.
"I hope to earn a mon or two next week"
by Tokyo Belle October 27, 2005
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