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someone who plays a video game on co-op or on your team, who is absolutely no help to the team/game and instead wastes ammo, then taking all the dropped ammo from killed enemies.
After i killed like twenty grunts, he took ALL the ammo from their guns! ammo bitch...
by gibsonrokker April 29, 2009
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An ammo bitch is...

1. an individual who is a member of your team in a form of simulated combat (i.e. Nerf, Airsoft, etc.), who does not carry any weapons, but instead holds magazines and ammo on their person
2. a Call of Duty player who uses Scavenger
1. Whenever we run dry on ammo, we have to go to our ammo bitch and get some more magazines.
2. Fuckin' hell! That ammo bitch is annoying!
by Orca813 August 09, 2016
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