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Amihan is the nicest most amazing person in the world, she is sweet and kind to everyone she meets. She is sporty and one of the only nice popular people, which makes you like her even more. She has good friendships and has a bunch of inside jokes with everyone. She is funny and pretty and is like a perfect ray of sunshine that you dont deserve.
person1: omg Amihan is so nice!
person2: ya I know she is my best friend and if u hurt her I will come after you with a fork
by waveworld999 May 06, 2019
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okay so Amihan is like the best person ever, she is your philipino friend who is just good at everything and she seems shy but once u know her then she IS WRITING IN ALL CAPS! She is really pretty and she doesn't realize how much happiness she brings to literally everyone around her. She is such a good friend and will always put you before everyone else. Her favorite color is yellow
person : Amihan seems like such a nice person!
person 2 : YA SHE IS and if u mess w her... *threatening glare*
by waveworld999 May 06, 2019
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