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Only the single most hottest tattoo artist. He's Jewish. From Israel. And needs a licences for the guns he's packing on his arms. Hit shows include Miami ink and NY ink. My panties get wet while I watch the show.
Ami James is so sexy, while I watch NY ink I dream of having sex with him. Hmmm Ami!
by Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyy00000 June 28, 2011
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Tattoo artist, specializing in traditional Japanese tattoos, star of 'Miami Ink',

'Worldwide Tribe',& 'NY Ink'. And most importantly, ridiculously sexy & fantasized by many women. Has the whole badass look & can kick someone's ass, yet be sensitive & responsible at the same time. Older brother of the impossibly sexy Natan Shai James, undiscovered musician & creative director of his clothing line. Was a sniper in the Israeli army (probably looked damn hot in that uniform),the father of 2 girls, & has a wife named Jordan (a.k.a. the luckiest damn woman on planet Earth). Arch rival & enemy of tattoo artist Chris Torres.
"Did you see the episode of NY Ink where Ami James fought Chris Torres & filpped him over & pinned him down?"

'yes, I was imagining him doing that to me in bed the whole time & had to stop & go masturbate'

"LOL,that was so funny on Miami Ink when as a joke Ami James chased his snake-phobic apprentice yogi w/a snake a client bought in,then jokingly told him to get on his knees & say 'master, stop!'

'Damn.....I would LOVE it if Ami James chased me & told me to get on my knees & call him Master!'
by akPhilly February 17, 2013
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