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Only known for Hot Dog Heaven, Hasty Tasty, crackheads, and the enormous amount of slutts and man whores
Mary Jane: did you go to Amherst, Ohio today?

Bob: yeah and the Hot Dog Heaven worker tried to give me a blow job.

Mary Jane:that's Amherst, Ohio for you *sigh*
by hiiiiiiiii :) January 12, 2010
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A quaint town, about 25 minutes west of Cleveland, Ohio. It has a nice downtown area, and is an upper-middle class town. The fucked up school system really ruins the town, though. The preppy brats always make fun of you if you're not rich. There's stoners and emos who are only like that because of the constant bullying from the wealthy kids. It's not as bad as Avon, Ohio or Westlake, Ohio but it's still pretty a pretty damn awful place for poor people to live.
Meghan: Hmm... I think I want to move to Amherst.

Joe: You will regret it. You have to have a lot of money, and you must know someone within the system to be successful there.
Meghan: I think I will move to Oberlin now.

Joe: Oberlin, Ohio is wonderful! Amherst, Ohio is so bad.
by George Bush is back July 24, 2017
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