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A person who fears being similar in any way, shape, or form to that of an American, sometimes, even when it comes to geography, as if somehow a make believe line on a map somehow makes the terrain on both sides of said line any better than the other, not to mention culture directly surrounding said border.

This trait, though not exclusive by any means, is usually reserved for militant Canadians who refuse to believe they resemble their American cousins, or that something American is better then something Canadian.

Canadians are indeed different people, but the similarities are greater than the things that are different. Normal, patriotic Canadians understand this.

An Americanophobe can be found on web forums, spreading their dislike and bad attitude regarding a largly friendly, decent, and humble American population (NOT Government....that's different! lol) to the international community without reason.

Source? I'm a patriotic Canuck!
From an Americanophobe:

I think people pointing out all these similarities are not properly assessing the situation here. The truth is, the culture, economy, society, dialect and everything in between changes at the border. The only thing similar is the geography.

Canada's prairies are night and day with the US Great Plains. Our prairie provinces are arguably the most culturally diverse area of our country, in sharp contrast to the situation in neighbouring areas south of the border.

Besides a similar manufacturing-based economy, Southern Ontario is nothing like the US Midwest.

Montreal is nothing like New England. Neither are the Maritimes, except maybe the importance of the fishing industry.

I can't think of similarities between BC and the US Pacific Northwest. The "liberal" politics (based on an US-centric partisan viewpoint) in BC are reflective of Canada as a whole, not because of geographical proximity to certain parts of the US.

Of course we are heavily exposed to American media, but I don't believe this effects us any more than the rest of the English-speaking world.

Again, besides geography, everything else changes at the border. We are completely different countries.
by PoutineHoser September 29, 2013
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