A series of dolls that come with books that take place during different periods in American History. They are very expensive and so are their accessories but unlike Bratz dolls, they are in proportion, do not dress suggestively, and actually look like actual girls. They also promote reading and learning about history through their books series.
There is also a line of dolls that "Look Like You" and "American Girls of Today" which take place in modern times.
The dolls also have pets such as Coconut the dog, and Licorice the cat.
There is an American Girl store in New York.
I just saved up $100 to buy my very own American Girl Doll! Now I just have to save up another $100 to buy her stuff!
by Edible Elf May 21, 2008
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An expensive doll that white privileged girls use to masturbate via putting it's head inside of their vagina.
Jessica shoved the entire head of that american girl doll inside her.
by ALARGEPHALLUS May 31, 2016
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