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Adjective uh-mer-i-kuh-s sweet-hahrt .

An insulting term used to describe a person (typically male) who is the ultimate “nice guy.” A person who insists that chivalry isn’t dead because they’re keeping it alive. Basically attempting to display the best of humanity, mainly for personal gain.
Chad: Yo bro, that’s messed up that you’re still hanging out with your boy Khyler’s ex-girl. You know he gets sentimental with that topic.

Brad: Whatchu tryin’ say bro, women can’t have guy friends that they aren’t dating?

Chad: My guy, you’re missing the point. While you’re out here trying to be America’s Sweetheart; Khyler is crying cause his friend’s are leaving him to hangout with his ex.
by MIANick20 November 30, 2019
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