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Chavis Americanus
A person who wears clothing such as Volcom, Hurley, and other skate brands to look cool. They basically do what everyone else does, and frequently make fun of American greebos for the simple reason that they are different. They also wear hats with skate logos, usually at an idiotic angle. They are weaker, dumber, and richer than normal chavs. Most are too weak to make fun of greebos alone, so they tend to travel in packs. Most are homophobes and are generally narrow minded.
You see a pack of people wearing skate logos on shirts, hoodies, and tastelessly angled hats.
Some are wearing shorts, while others are clad in pants whos tightness rival that of the 80's. You are wearing alternative clothing( band T-shirt, studded belt and medium fit pants)
The Amchavs start slinging insults that cut like a marshmallow, such as "get a haircut". You pity them and keep walking.
by Red Raptor August 29, 2006
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