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The evil, better-looking, facial hair having, twin of Kanto President Brock Obama. He is badass and prefers water types. He is almost the complete reverse of Brock Obama. He is running for Kanto President in 2012, but hopes to one day be dictator of Kanto, and eventually the world. Although his brother is known to be a local to Pewter City, few know much about his personal life. He is usually sarcastic and satirical with his words and tends to look down on most things. He also gets laid unlike Brock because "He doesn't chase the bitches the bitches chase him". He hates everything equally in a sense and is an amazing leader. The has a religion called "Kcorbism" it rivals the religion of is brother, Brockism.He is also known for trolling biebtards, fellow convervatives, and those who threaten hacking people.
Brock Obama? Fuck that shit, I'm voting Amabo Kcorb.
by Amabo Kcorb July 26, 2011
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