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Brock Obama is the lulziest politician ever. He trolls pedophiles that cant take a joke, and racist kids who think Justin Bieber is god. He started Brockism, the only religion that matters. He is your president, and you need not question him.
Remember when Brock Obama dominated Jared Milton? It was like if Mike Tyson fought an infant.
by limitedclown July 28, 2011
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This Facebook page used to be a funny one where they joked about Brock from Pokemon being Barack Obama but after a while the page became hacked by a very ignorant and stupid person who filled the page with racist,sexist,homophobic and just hateful things directed towards people such as, Women,African American races,Jews,Homosexuals etc...and if you try to tell them to stop then they will just insult you with a variety of internet memes and overused insults.They also make fun of people who died in tragic events such as 9/11 and the Holocaust and think its funny when it clearly is not.These people do not have anything better to do with they're lives then do this when they think its right to do when it is not.The stuff that people post on this page is offensive to any type of group of people and the people who post it are known as trolls which means internet bully and they entertain themselves with this because they can not say it in real life to those groups of people.This page is wrong,offensive and completely unnecessary.
Joe:hey Alex did you see the post that Brock Obama posted about a joke about 9/11?
Alex:Yea that idiot! my mother died in that and i tried to tell them please do not do that they just called me a faggot!
Joe:that guy needs a life.
by silverguned87 October 18, 2011
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