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A beautiful person who is loving, loyal,kind, and friendly, but also has so bitchy side to her if you get on her nerves and bothers someone she loves. Alina also tends to be a mysterious wonder and a wild person at a party.
Did you see Alynah she's was such a bitch when we made fun of her friends.
by @lynah1111 May 14, 2018
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She's nice at times and warning, if she rages, and there are no adults around, and you aren't her friend, SHE WILL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS. Just sayin! :3 She likes to go by Ash or Jack, she's a girl, a TOMBOY, not a fucking girlygirl. If you ever have a friend named Alynah, make sure you know how to spell her name and pronounce it, or else you will fucking get killed by her.
Omg, did you see Alynah today in 4th period? She beat the shit outta that guy
by Ash will kick your ass April 21, 2018
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total dumb bitch.nobody likes her and she has no friends.she always acts like she is the coolest person in the world when she is just a bitch.
"dude,i just saw Alynah and,no surprise,she was bitchy as usual."
by corny meatloaf May 21, 2010
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