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She's the girl who is able to change my life. Since the day I met her, until today. The fact that she changed me into a better person that I am today. She can be moody and sad and not talking to anyone for no reason, but trust me, she keeps everything to herself. Only the chosen one will be lucky. Lucky to see the side that no one can see. You're forever a blessing. I'm forever blessed with your existence.
"isn't that Alyaa? Damn she is so stunning!"
by Trxvller_ December 30, 2017
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Alyaa tends to be a backstabber . She'll give you hugs only to find where the softest spot in your back is so she can stick the knife in . She tends to be all over the place with her feelings and emotions . She's only nice if it's to her benefit . Alyaa has no problem being disrespectful to people . She'll try her hardest to make a fool of you . Alyaa is also someone you could consider an attention whore . She'll do the dumbest things just to get the heads a turning . You will most likely see her doing something very strange but be used to it because it's just her character . If you make friends with an Alyaa watch out because Alyaa is known to be untrustworthy .
"Oml Naomi , that girl is such a bitch !"

" Her name must be Alyaa"
by iSuCkBiGcOcKs April 25, 2019
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