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A sexy beast, super fantastic, and the most perfect guy you'll ever meet. Really fucking cute too!
I would bang Alx like a car door at 2AM
by I love Alx January 19, 2014
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The most perfect, amazing, and adorable guy out there. He's so sweet, and down to earth. He's truly the most perfect guy ever! <3
I love Alx
by Alx's girl January 19, 2014
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intelligent ,wise ,sexy with a incredibly well endowed ,charmer, loves women of every description and can always find beauty within each women, He is real,witty, powerful and a mans man in all aspect of his life .Someone who lives life to the fullest with honour and wisdom.
Real is Alx.
by Joseph Knowitall February 08, 2010
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One who is so dope (see dope), that he is beyond dope. Usually used about good music producers.
You, that new Timbaland beat is dope, totally ALX.
by Lex Ardeña June 11, 2004
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Very nice. Gorgeous. Will smoke pot when she needs to or with friends. Funny, sucks at Fortnite saying she’s good. Goes out with more of the hot guys just cause there hot. Hanging with her one friend taking wheezing videos
by Sexylamaewithaafro May 12, 2018
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