One of the most underappreciated instruments in the woodwind section, the Alto Sax is tuned to E-Flat, a Fourth higher than the Tenor sax,an octave higher than the bari sax, and a fifth lower than the soprano sax.
Our Saxophone Ensemble features 5 Alto Saxes, 2 Tenor Saxes, and 2 Bari Saxes.
by totallyrandom May 17, 2008
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an instrument that is part of the best instrument family in the band. By playing a sax it allows the person to have an overblown ego. However they must be good at playing their sax, otherwise they should be stoned. Invented by Adolf Sax as an instrument that can play loud as a trumpet and as fast as a flute or clarinet.
man that kid can play a great alto sax solo.

yeah and that kid is just acting like he can play.

we should beat him.
by Amazing Band-y December 8, 2008
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The worst saxophone in the saxophone family.
Over-played and over-popular. More people need to play Tenor Sax, or hey, even bari!
TSAXPLAYER; Hey whats up?
ASAXPLAYER; Not much, just playing my horrible alto sax.
by Em0827 January 15, 2008
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