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this is a website that was created by a british guy named mike marsden informing people on a number of ways to commit suicide. the website gave specific instructions on the many methods to kill yourself: how long it will take to die, the availability of the method, the certainty of death and any remaining notes on the method of choice. The website was not a joke and was meant to be taken very seriously. Micheal marsden took his life and the last official maintainer of the website was angela watson otherwise known as "psycho kitten"
"I'm going to that website to read up on ways to kill myself."
Here is an example from the old website:
1)SLITTING WRISTS (often not effective)
Time:Minutes if major artery cut, eternity otherwise.
Available: You really need a razor sharp knife. Razors are pretty tricky to hold when they are covered with blood.
Certainty: possible if you cut an artery, improbable otherwise
Notes:Don't bother with this method.
Dosage: A bottle (litre or half litre)
Time: Hours/days
Available: Easily available
Certainty: Uncertain
Notes:Bloody painful - depends on your stomach getting corroded, the stomach acids escaping, and doing their dirty work in your vital organs. I have heard of people throwing themselves through plate glass windows in their death agonies after drinking this.
by insanity vanity November 25, 2007
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