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the messiah, the pillar, the dictator over a cult of other douches. enuff douches to soak up roseanne's inward parts.
1. an alpha douche wears sunglasses at nite while his followers wear hats to prevent the moon from inhibting their spray tans
2. an alpha douche sports a pink polo and pops his collar to mark the fact that he has a penis
3. an alpha douche suddenly refers to bon jovi and journey as new up and coming artists whilst thinking that he has made it mainstream
4. an alpha douche drinks jager bombs with extra red bull so he can stay up to put date rape meds into the nxt girl's drink
5. an alpha douche's mating call to friends is the term: BRO
by lucy ricardo ball July 16, 2008
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The leader of an entourage of douches who is loyally followed despite his incompetent acts of incompetence.
Matt is the Alpha Douche of Caleb, Kyle and Chris
by llooop July 16, 2008
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Someone who consistently interrupts people thinking he knows where they're going but its wrong. They deny having this trait and often claim to never be wrong. They also take advantage of word play in bets and attempts to convince everyone he/she is not a contradictor but everyone knows he/she is. Usually only makes bets he/she cannot lose.
My boss is an Alpha-Douche
by TTsadfasdf51321321321asdf June 16, 2018
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