Lawyer who got skinnier and skinnier over the years, while her lips just got bigger and bigger, until finally, she turned into a suction-cup dart.
She looks like those flourescent highlighted suction-cup darts you can get at the Dollar Tree.
by infinyte September 21, 2004
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Adj. Someone who is emotionally unstable, neurotic or fragile.
"He got Ally Mcbeal and started crying when I told him I couldn't see him today."

"You like that dude?!? He's fragile like Ally McBeal."
by A.L.M. August 23, 2006
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A popular TV show that ran during the later half of the fucking PC 90s and the first few years of the 21st century. Ally is a lawyer who works for "The Firm", and she and her yuppie co-workers work in a conformist environment, doing practically everything together for the fucking firm. They often go out to a cheap-ass bar after work, where Vonda Shepard sings shitty pop/whatever songs that amount to next to nothing. They use a unisex bathroom (hoo-hah!) for answering Nature's call and talking gossip. Ally looks a bit anorexic and is very neurotic and she often sees illusions such as the famous Dancing Baby. In one episode she defends Courtney Thorne-Smith's relationship with a married man, saying that they "belong together". The show often features crappy renditions of popular hits. The show is so dehumanizing, but yuppies and soccer moms love this trash. Another piece of shit that passed for entertainment in the fucking PC 90s and beyond.
The TV show Ally McBeal is a hunka-hunka burning crud. Complete bullshit.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 30, 2007
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Written by David E. Kelley. Show about female laywer and her many neuroses. Great ensemble cast featured as well. Noted for its sexual content, many weird moments (unicorns, dancing babies, etc.) as well as its use of music.
Ally McBeal was awesome except when everyone had anorexia.
by mrs. folds May 30, 2005
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