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Alliumpanemphillia is the attraction and/or sexual arousal to garlic bread.

Garlic bread has become a staple since the 1970's in most households since it became a mass-produced item. Garlic bread is usually a baguette or ciabatta roll that has been sliced, marinated with olive oil and butter with minced garlic or powder. It is then grilled or baked and served as either an entree or as a snack on its own.

Due to its simplicity and distinctive aroma, garlic bread has become extremely popular with a wide range of demographics and is a frequently requested dish at parties or gatherings.

As such, some people have associated garlic bread with hedonism due to it illicting a purely pleasurable response and associating the aroma as such. Sexual arousal to it is , to known extent, not so much copulation with the dish itself due to profound hygiene reasons but the scent itself.

Imbibing an environment with freshly cooked garlic bread and/or the lingering cooked smell can be used as very favourable indication of sexual intent and can heighten the libido of someone who is in possession of this particular philia.
As Kimmy walked into Dominos she felt the warmth wetness growing between her legs.

It was their 2nd date & Nik knew she loved garlic bread but never knew she had Alliumpanemphilia.
by Callmesir73 October 21, 2017
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