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Alleah is a super cool girl, with an apparently uncommon name. She rocks at drums on guitar hero, plays mad sweet acoustic guitar, and is absolutely hilarious. She kicks ass with mad karate skills, and general badassery. She won't tolerate any of your shit.
Guy: Yo, you hear about this Alleah girl?

Creeper: Yeah, she's smokin' hot! I want to-

Alleah: HIYAH! *karate chops Creeper*
by Jimmyjammerjams March 23, 2009
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Alleah is wired, funny, caring, she will always try to make u laugh shes shy but once to get to know her she great. She loves animals, shes kind but can be a bitch at times for fun when she and they know its a joke. If you need someone to talk to she will be there for you no matter what, once she loves you she wont stop. Dont let her go keep her in your life.
by XxLeahxxortegaxx March 17, 2018
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