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An expresion hispanic people use to proclaim suprise, disbelief, or excitement.
person1: "The chupacabra almost got me! i almost died!"
person2: "thats allcrazy!"
person3: "thats lies you are allcrazy!"
by FFkeyblade February 23, 2010
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used at the end of a sentence to emphasize a point very similar to na mean. It can be used in almost any situation as long as
I'm bout to go cop dem new jordans all crazy.
Yo nig' I was fuckin' that bitch from behind all crazy.
I ran up on that punk that was talkin' shit about me and socked the shit out of him all crazy.
by rick rude November 09, 2005
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A phrase use at the end of sentence used to describe the way someone has been acting or feeling in a crazy way
she was runnin aroung the room all crazy
by Ta-Ta October 02, 2003
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