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The previous person who wrote that it came from the musical "All That Jazz" is very wrong. The expression has been used for a LONG, LONG time before that show ever came out. I mean, people I know have been using the expression for as long as I can remember, LONG before anyone ever CONCEIVED of the show named "All That Jazz". It's probably been used since at LEAST the beginning of the 20th Century and probably longer than that. It's another way of saying "and all that stuff". It's a slang way of saying something without telling the whole thing, because telling the whole thing would be boring and monotonous.
"I went into the supermarket, and there were lots of vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and all that jazz\."
by A fairly smart person March 29, 2017
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From the origin of the hit theatre and film "Chicago" and the song "All that Jazz" is the origin of the saying. It is used on the end of a sentence or list instead of the word "Etc."
A:"So what are you up to today then?"
B:"Well I'm going to the shop, going to skin my cat, clean out his box and all that Jazz"
by Calmal July 19, 2005
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