Similar to "the whole nine yards"; including everything or meaning "all-inclusive". Suggests that everything is included or it covers an entire subject.
"We were looking through the documents and were surprised that the package included the contracts, agreements, all nine..."

"Dude, can you cover the costs, all nine, until I hook you up later?"
by Rev-olution September 20, 2012
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the act of a person blowing off his load and splurging out all nine gallons
josh had went all nine gallons on that hoe
by wooderman123 February 14, 2017
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It's a saying from Vietnam meaning: Save six for pallbearers, two for road guards, and one to count cadence.
Fuck 'em all but nine.
by charlie delta June 12, 2011
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a common P Miller phrase, meaning your talking all crazy and not making any sense.
quit talking all nine times eight
by van whalen January 20, 2008
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