This song is by far the most...

Fucking stupid of all Meghan Trainor songs. And all of her songs are stupid. This song is tired, out dated, and annoying. Also this phrase is used to describe fatness
Radio: Because you know I'm all about that bass
Everyone: Ya we know you're fat
by SALERMI Man March 12, 2015
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The song "All about the bass"- by Megan Trainor is about girls getting judged by society on there size and that girls shouldn't care what other people think, all they should care about is how they fell on the inside and about there selves. Megan Trainor is saying that getting judge isn't a good thing but that you shouldn't get affected by it because beauty is with in.
All about the bass is giving girls a message
by 5sosatic August 10, 2015
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Crappy song by Meghan Trainor that's supposedly about how the bass guitar is like the thickness of a song or the bottom, relating to the body like that, yet it doesnt even have a bass drop or any real bass that can be heard over the shitty melody and fake ass lyrics.

It's become popular because it inspires obese woman despite it being a fucking terrible song, even the one singing it is fat, and they even include a fat guy in the video, it looks like she's trying to make fun of herself.
400 pound woman: Yeah i'm all about that bass.
Ideal body weight woman: Shut the fuck up already you're a fucking hippo.
by Ferb City October 18, 2014
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