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1. Ending up in the slammer after a heavy night out.

2. A "mash-up" of Alcohol and Alcatraz
John: Dudes, where's Paulie?
Joe: No idea, but that was one hell of a night last night!
Jim: How many shots did we each do again?
*phone rings, John picks up*
John: Paulie?! Where are you!?!?! Oh shit, yeah - course we'll come and pick you up. Nah, we won't tell your mum
*hangs up*
Jim: Was that Paulie? Where is he?
John: Oh he's in Alkietraz. Apparently he was mooning people on the High Street so the cops took him in for the night
Joe: Not cool. Not cool.
by muthecow January 18, 2010
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