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A girl that is always there for you once she gets attached shes never letting go until she is truly hurt .She is loyal to her Friends and family and always keeps it real. Also known as an adjective and compliment
"You are Aliviah" .."Thank you "
by Ahjusb June 18, 2018
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Aliviah is a beautiful girl who is the most perfect person you will ever meet.She is very outgoing and sweet, every guy would want to be with her for her looks or personality.She has it all! Aliviah is the best girl ever with big boobs and a large butt.She is an amazing kisser and when you get the chance, you better keep her for as long as you live! Aliviah is the most perfect friend to ever have. You better fuck her when you have the chance!
Oh my god is that aliviah? She is like, super hot
by supercat5678 August 10, 2017
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A girl that claim she not a hoe but always talks about dicks
Omg she such an aliviah
by That Biggs June 05, 2016
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