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A sweet sensitive name for a girl mostly. alicas are funney sweet very beautiful and not so smart at times. thay have self esteam problems usually involeing thier aperacne. alicas and jesses are very compatiable.
you can be really alica at times
by gergoe humpaluffaguss March 14, 2010
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the act of brutally murdering someone in a violent and psychotic way with a chainsaw, baseball bat, hammer, screwdriver, or even your bare hands
"hey did you see that story on the news last night?"
"oh yeah! the one where that guy totally alica'd the entire neighborhood?"
"...I meant the one about the pony..."
*awkward silence*
by vendetta fits June 30, 2008
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A super cool, funny, amazing girl who always stands up for herself. She’s super kind and always tries to make people feel better when they are sad.
Alica is so freaking lit?
by Bartymartyrarty June 26, 2019
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