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The infamous stalker of All Time Low's lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. She bought his address online, and went to his house, hid in his bushes, and knocked on his door and asked for pictures. All Time Low fans use 'Ali King' to refer to a stalker. It can also be used as a verb (Ali Kinging).
Did you see that Ali King on the news? She was Ali Kinging that celebrity! he went to his house and hid in his bushes.
by KrissyHatesMe December 29, 2010
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A beautiful girl who can make anyone smile. She is such a loyal friend and anyone who comes across one should cherish her, for she will be the one that will stick by and help you through your trauma. Not only is she a devoted friend when it comes to devastation, but she will also be there for you through your greatest moments, and never fails to make you a shining star.
Random Person 1: Hey, who is that girl? She is so pretty, nice, and smart!
Me: That's Ali King!!!
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