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Is the stupid believed that Al-Gore is greater than any religious figure or politician. Some of the people who accept Algorethism would go to any length to prove to U that Al-Gore is more or less the coming together of Jesus Christ, Pluto and James Bond. The first verse of their religious book goes like this: “Al-Gore, the creator and inventor of Internet, was persecuted and shamed by Floridians …”
Algorethism also teaches that Bush and Osama bin Laden are equal and the same person. Because of this position, they think Bush was the one who caused 9/11. It lays emphasis on the fact that the world would end in 2020 when most part of planet would be flooded starting in Florida. Of course, since Florida is the place where Al-Gore was disgraced, they always PRAY that what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah must come on Floridians.
Most of the believers of Algorethism are likely to be University teachers, Hollywood stars, Liberals, Moslems, Media, Blacks, Mama-Obama-Group, etc. Key disciples are Jerry Springer, Paris Hilton, Al-Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson, Your-Average-University-Professor, etc.

Oh, since I stopped accepting Christ, I have joined the church of Algorethism.

Algorethism? What a heck!
by Yaw-Barima October 26, 2007
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