A unique name for a girl. hardly it is a used name, and rarely known. A person who has a great smile, beautiful face like an angel, and a very smart person. If you see or heard the word aleine, it means that there's a person that has great quality.
Also it is a name of a person that has the quality of loving a person in everyway, cares everyday, and brings joy all the way.
1. Her name is aleine, because she has a great smile that i've ever seen, has a beautiful face closer to an angel, and loving people with all her heart.

2.That girl over there is so talented and beautiful, no wonder her name is Aleine.
by Angel O.lim February 22, 2012
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Elliot: Hey Bella do you want some Aleins?
Bella: Snakes alive by Allens?
Elliot: NO! Aleins!
by belly694201000 December 22, 2020
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Aleins the race of Morgan Freemans
Hey look it looks like an alein

Nah its not a real Morgan Freeman
by killerteddie April 3, 2017
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The race of Morgan Freemans
Look There's an alein hurry get can, gotta show the others that I saw a Morgan Freeman today

All those aleins and they're all Morgan Freeman
by killerteddie April 3, 2017
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Typically the coy guy but usually is the humor guy. Makes everyone feel warm and happy but deep inside has a dark feeling that he wishes to let out. Wanted to be loved by people around him especially his lover.
"Jack makes me happy especially during class hours"
"Yeah he's a typical Alein"
by guntherxxgunther June 8, 2021
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